Bringing the Word from Africa


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This book is an incisive look at how the Word originated in Africa, how this mass continent was the Cradle of Civilization and more succinctly the factual Birthplace of Christianity. What a magnificent and mind challenging work which will impact the seminary world and religious praxis from Alexandria to Oxford University and the libraries in Princeton Theological Seminary. Dr. Phillips reveals exclusively without doubt, that Jesus is the Savior of humanity nevertheless; he brusquely brushes the canvasses of our minds with facts such as how, the majority of European artists and Bible commentators painted and described the majority of biblical characters, including God, as Caucasian over centuries. This has the consequence historically, of excluding black people from being an ingredient of scripture, leaving various people of color to query the Bible’s relevance to them. The title and contents of “Bringing the Word from Africa,” promotes a surety of African ancestry confirming the many misnomers which took place, purposely excluding the thought of “dark skin color.”

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