Escape Route to Ecstasy



ESCAPE ROUTE TO ECSTASY will take you on twist and turns down a road where you can escape to and find out the hidden places inside of your uttermost desire to be fulfilled.

Meghan Kramer, the main character, has the keys to unlock what is hidden. This will open the desire she has been longing to experience. There are three doors to choose from. Which door will Meghan choose? As she enters the door of her choice, she will go into the lives of three men. One takes her into a world that she cannot escape from, the other takes her into a place of extreme delight, and the third one, Tyler Scottsdale, will do whatever it takes to be with her. These experiences are so captivating, so she wants them like an animal that wants to eat fresh meat when it smells fresh blood.

Meghan’s challenge is to never end up where she started. She feels that she has enough experience to know better, but temptation keeps her traveling down a road to find true ecstasy.


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