How to Survive A Marriage


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This book is written for the benefit of both male and female Christians who are married to non-Christian spouses, and for the benefit of the non-Christian spouse so that they can find answers to the questions that linger in their mind. When God created Adam and Eve, he united them as husband and wife, he blessed them and put his approval upon them, he told them to be fruitful, multiply, replenish the earth and subdue it. God intended for them to be happy, and they were until a third party stepped in. There are so many cases today where not only a third party has stepped in, but a multitude of intruders whose plan is opposing God’s good plan. Knowing God’s plan for you before entering into a relationship is of the utmost importance. This book contains a chapter dedicated to the singles and a wealth of information for those who are happily married and those who are divorced. God truly desires to give you the Kingdom.

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