Riddy Ann OVERCOMNG The Odds


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Riddy Ann Overcoming the ODDs follows the life of a baby girl left in a swing of an apartment complex to, later on, be given away to her maternal great-grandmother, grandmother, and step-grandfather, therefore, causing her to be an orphan at an early age while yet both parents were alive and functioning in a society that is bias and racist toward them. The book covers the early years of Riddy Ann from the swing, grandma house, learning disabilities to heartache and heartbreak. Riddy’s life is followed through the sicknesses, love affairs, bouts of depression, suicidal years, to her born-again experience. The book follows the main character into the occult, mind control, self-discovery, healing, and restoration. The reader will be on edge and feel the ride of a roller coaster, in which they will explore the sane and insane experiences of the main character.

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