Soar in Your Sorrows


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The first step to heal a broken heart is accepting that it’s broken. The next step is self-love, the love of God that we feel for ourselves. Self-love means acknowledging your flaws and pain you experience but having the courage to change those flaws you will not accept and those things that hurt you. Self-love is feeling each emotion even if it’s horrible because if you avoid it you are not healing. I hope that you learn that each and every emotion is temporary and does not belong to you but is really there to, * Teach you lessons, * Aid you in your journey of self-discovery, * Make you grateful and conscious, and * Allow you to earn an everlasting feeling of heaven on earth. This book is written to guide you on your own journey of self-love. Once you allow your soul to be armed with self-love, your soul will never depend on human attachments again. Self-love is an unconditional love you feel for yourself, an acceptance of your flaws, the same as you would for someone else’s. Self-love activates the light within you and allows others to see and attract that light as well. I pray we all attract other self-lovers throughout our journeys. With Love, Paradise’s Storm


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