Trump Tumult & Transcendence – Relevant Rhyming Reflections 2020 – 2021



TRUMP, TUMULT, AND TRANSCENDENCE is a penetrating perspective of the Trump presidency set against the roller coaster upheaval of the Coronavirus pandemic, racial tension of the MAGA faithful arrayed against the Black Lives Matter movement, and the mercurial zeitgeist of 2020-2021.

Hardy offers a full course analytical meal upon which to dine through the technique of Relevant Rhyming Reflections. His rhyming observations are a literary vehicle that is rich in dramatic imagery.

There is a magnetic majesty to the language that constantly energizes the reader’s involvement. Hardy’s rhyming interpretations will prove to be both insightful and indelible.

This book is a serious and stimulating appraisal of the hellish histrionics of the Trump years. Hardy’s masterful technique provides poignant perspective of a self-indulgent president and a Republican Party that has jettisoned its moral guardrails.

TRUMP, TUMULT AND TRANSCENDENCE ventures into dark shadows but also embodies the resilient optimism of the Psalmist who reminds us: “…. weeping may endure for a night, but joy comes in the morning.” (Psalm 30:5—KJV).


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