Women in the Apostolic Move


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Are you a woman wondering where you are in God’s apostolic move? Where do you fit in with what He is doing right now? This manual will give you insight into your role as a woman in God’s apostolic assignment in the earth and where your place is in this movement.

In the last days, God says He will pour out His Spirit on all people even on His servants, both men and women. Acts 2: 17-18 (NIV) Part of the last days is the restoring of the apostolic (apostle) in the body of Christ to help prepare the way for the second coming of Christ.

Before, during and after Jesus being here on the earth, women had key roles in His life and ministry. We will investigate the lives of these Women in the Bible:
Hannah – the Power of Prayer
Esther – chosen for Deliverance
Priscilla – an Evangelism Duo with her Husband (Team Ministry)
Deborah – Prophetess, Wife, Judge and Worshipper

After you are done with these lessons, you will be enlightened and inspired to learn and activate your role as a Woman in God’s Apostolic move.


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