Follow the Colors – Vol. II



“Follow the Colors” is a new in-depth and at times, ground-breaking study that shows what the average Civil War soldier experienced and suffered through. While the emphasis of this book is on the men from Monroe County, Ohio, the experiences, and anguishes they encountered is similar to that of all of the three million-plus men who fought in the Civil War.

Included are never before published details on where and what these men and boys did throughout all four years of the conflict and all four seasons.

These men were certainly not “Sunshine Patriots.” From the rigors of their experiences, so many of them suffered they would carry for the rest of their lives, and many had their lives cut short because of the mental and physical severity of their sufferings.

All their injuries were experienced in an era before the nature of germs and infection were understood and well before sterilization was even thought of. As for mental stress, that was never considered. The very idea of “Post-Traumatic-Stress-Syndrome” was not a consideration; indeed, it would not even become an operational diagnosis until 1980.

Front Cover Picture Volume II

“Battery H of the 1st Ohio Light Artillery in action at “The Battle of Cold Harbor, Virginia” on June 2 and 3, 1864.



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