I Don’t Know Why She Was Proud of Me



I present this true story to express some of how I feel about this special lady, my mother, Patricia Laverne Brown.

Never realizing why, she was so proud of me until she was at the end of her life here on earth, which helped me to discover who I am. She saw something in me that I did not see in myself. In fact, I was a typical boy growing up getting into whatever I could get involved in.

Losing Mommy sets me on a different pathway of life—a new beginning. I favorite our years together.

Mommy went through phases fusing our lives traveling together. She did the best she could for me, her son. She was always there for me until she took her last breath.

We had developed a great mother and son relationship.

A mother’s love is something that you can never get back once she is gone. The love I have for her will never change.


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