Clemons Van Forer’s Freedom – THE ESCAPE


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Clemons Van Forer’s Freedom: The Escape is a sequel to Clemons Van Forer’s Freedom. This story is about a boy named John who loves sharing, with his mother, fictional stories he writes about African American history. In this sequel, Clemons’s daughter, Mateia, overhears the plantation owner and overseer talking about selling her brothers, Rob, and Larry. She shares what she has heard with her mother, Shaka. Shaka shares it with Clemons and her sons before they enter their cabin for the night. Clemons does not want his sons placed on an auction block, so, he and his family plan their escape. Their journey to freedom takes them to the area that is now known as the Great Dismal Swap.

Most children’s books written by children are about being alike and being different. This book is a child’s attempt to truthfully tell his history as he researches, reads, and understands it. Although he mentions the horror of being separated/sold, the message is family, family love, family unity.


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